★  Education and Training is a three credit course that will assist you in exploring jobs and careers related to the field of education and childhood development.

    ★  Course Content includes, but is not limited to:

    • organizational structure of education
    • human growth and development theories
    • roles of the teacher
    • lesson planning and assessments
    • learning styles
    • analysis of children’s literature
    • using effective communication to promote positive and productive relationships
    • maintaining a safe, clean and healthy learning environment
    • 140+ hours of observations and learning practicum/lab within a classroom setting or learning environment
    Notepad with Education & Training typed on it

    ★  Career Paths:

    • psychologist (clinical, developmental or social)
    • social worker
    • counselor
    • teacher assistant
    • parent educator
    • child care worker
    • coach
    • recreation worker
    • ESL teacher
    • superintendent
    • principal
    • administrator
    • teacher/instructor
    • librarian/media specialist
    • special education
    • museums/national parks and so much more