The LCTC STEM Academy began in 2009. The Academy utilizes, & Alabama State Department of Education engineering curriculum for High School Students. Students can choose from many different Engineering Academy courses that focus on teaching problem solving & utilizing the engineering design process.  


 The LCTC STEM Academy goal is to prepare students for the increasing technological demands of the global environment. The students enrolled in the program will utilize math, science, technical writing, and computer skills as they explore different areas of engineering. This program serves as a platform for students who wish to pursue an engineering or technical degree after high school. 


 TSA is the programs career and technical student organization. TSA serve as a means to enhance classroom instruction while helping students develop leadership abilities, expand workplace-readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for personal and professional growth.  


 Club Affiliations Course List 

    • Foundations of Engineering & Technology 

 Technology Student Association • Applications of Engineering & Technology 

    • CTE Lab in STEM  • Basic Programming for Engineers  

    • Robotic Systems 

 VEX Robotics  • Career Pathway Project in STEM 


 Electrathon America  Academy Career Paths 

    • Aerospace Eng.• Electrical Eng. 

 Girl Engaged in Math & Science • Architecture• Environmental Eng. 

    • Biomedical Eng.• Industrial Design 

 Mate ROV  • Building Sciences• Industrial Eng. 

    • Chemical Eng.• Mechanical Eng. 

    • Civil Eng.• Surveying 

    • Drafting Design/CAD  


 Certifications Recommended Non Program Courses 

    • AP or General Physics 

 Autodesk Certified User • AP Chemistry (chemical engineering majors) 

    • AP Calculus or highest level math attainable