Pharmacy Technician 

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A one year program designed to prepare students for employment as Pharmacy Technician.  A Pharmacy Technician assists the Pharmacists with the preparation of prescription medications for customers, patients or health professionals. This includes learning about the roles and responsibilities of the Pharmacy Technician, safety measures, drug dosage calculations, and identification of various drugs and their effects on the human body. Students will also learn how to perform a wide range of duties in retail, hospital, and home care. 

Curriculum Includes:


Order Entry and Processing

Patient Safety and Quality Assurance 

Intro to Pharmacy

Health Foundations

Anatomy Overview

Dosage and Calculations

Medical Terminology

Federal and State Requirements

Communication Skills


Certifications and Endorsements



Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam


Students completing the program successfully qualify to work as a 

Pharmacy Technician


Employment opportunities requiring further education: