Building and Construction

A two-year program designed to provide students with knowledge and skills emphasizing all basic construction layouts. It provides fundamental knowledge and use of power tools, building materials, layouts, and framing.

The curriculum is presented through classroom instruction, computer-based learning, hands-on related activities, labs, construction sites, and field trips.  

All students are given the opportunity to participate in a Work-based Learning experience, which exposes them to the operation of a business and specific job duties related to careers in their CTE area.

Curriculum includes:

  • Safety and Health Regulations – basic understanding of safety standards, governmental and industry regulations, and individual responsibilities
  • Architecture, Construction and Manufacturing – core knowledge and skills in the areas of design, preconstructions, construction, maintenance, and installation and repair
  • NCCER Carpentry 1 – fundamental knowledge and skills emphasizing use of hand tools, power tools, building materials, fasteners, adhesives, and flooring systems
  • NCCER Carpentry 2 – fundamental knowledge and skills in floor wall, ceiling, and basic construction layout
  • NCCER Carpentry 3 – advanced knowledge, skills and practice emphasizing wall, ceiling, and framing, windows, doors and stair layouts.

Certifications & Endorsements

  • OSHA-10
  • NCCER Level 1 credentialing

Students completing the program successfully qualify to work as:

  • Entry level construction areas such as carpentry, drywall, painting and concrete.

Employment opportunities requiring further education:

  • Carpenters
  • Construction Laborers
  • Front-Line Supervisors/Managers of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers
  • Construction Managers
  • Private Business Ownership
  • Painters
  • Construction and Maintenance